BCCA warns the public and contractors of unacceptable levels of risk following the explicit removal of “Contract A” by many public owners

The BC Construction Association (“BCCA”) issues this Alert as a service to the members of the Regional Associations and industry at large to help educate them on the risks associated with changes in procurement.

BC Construction Association job board addresses the challenge of severe workforce shortages

The Time to Act Promptly is Now. Companion Piece to Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis Sent to the Attorney General: May 2, 2024

LNG Canada renews the Trades Training and CONNECT programs
administered by the BC Construction Association

BCCA is the voice for BC’s construction industry, advocating for policies that benefit all British Columbians. In our pursuit of a more robust industry, we promote various crucial policies including Prompt Payment, which ensures fair and timely compensation for construction work, Skilled Workforce Development, focused on fostering a diverse, skilled, and inclusive workforce.

BCCA shares the Canadian Construction Association’s concerns: the 2024 Federal Budget falls short on a number of policies required to meet the needs of BC’s construction industry, specifically in terms of workforce solutions and infrastructure. Our concern is that demand stimulated by aggressive housing targets and loan programs will surpass the BC construction industry’s current capacity, given inflation as well as our province’s workforce shortages and lack of payment certainty.

Lack of payment certainty and workforce shortages continue to worry employers.

Celebrating the talent, expertise and experience BC’s construction and skilled tradespeople are sharing with the next generation.