Skilled Workforce

BCCA workforce development programs have helped ensure the health, wellness, safety, and career development of the construction workforce for more than 50 years

Contractors are always on a quest to attract and retain the best talent. In construction, the ongoing skilled labour shortage means that the competition is fierce. BCCA’s programs and services, affiliations, and partnerships are here to help you become an employer of choice.

Training & Employment

Apprenticeship Services

Employers received cash payments for hiring and registering first-year apprentices in any one of a list of 39 Red Seal trades.

Training & Employment

Builders Life TalentCentral

Looking to build a life that provides the time and money you need to pursue the adventures you dream of? The career potential of a skilled tradesperson is unlimited.

BCCA’s Builders Life TalentCentral can help you get started with confidence. Discover it today.

The adventures await.

Builders Life TalentCentral poster three construction workers talking. Tag line: Build your team with TalentCentral.

Health & Benefits

BCCA Employee Benefit Trust

Your employees are your biggest strength and asset to your business. Their health and well-being is important. We can help you recruit and retain the employees you need with our flexible employee benefits plans designed to protect them. We have the options you want, no matter what size your company is.


BCCA-Integrating Newcomers

If you are immigrating to Canada, have construction industry experience, or are interested in exploring how to transition your skills to this high-growth industry, we’ll provide you with career advice, connections and job leads before you move.

If you’re a construction employer anywhere in Canada looking for skilled business, trades, or technical licensed specialists, we can help connect you with educated, experienced, and motivated newcomers approved for Canadian Permanent Residency.

Training & Employment

Building Builders

A custom mentorship program for BC’s construction industry. Building Builders connects today’s experts with tomorrow’s leaders. Whether you’re just considering a career in the construction trades, or already on your path in the industry, we’re here to match you with a mentor who can help get you where you want to go. If you’ve already established success in your construction career, just a few hours a year can make a difference in allowing you to give back to the industry that made you.

Workplace Culture

Builders Code

The Builders Code sets a standard code of conduct for workers on construction sites in BC. It defines an “Acceptable Worksite” as the starting point for reducing risk and ensuring a safe and productive environment for all workers. The Builders Code is intended to help construction employers communicate a reasonable, consistent behavior expectation to improve the safety, productivity, and retention of skilled tradespeople, and reduce project risk.



Based in Terrace and Smithers, employment specialists are focused on helping connect job seekers in the area with local construction employers looking for skilled workers.

Whether you are a job-seeker looking for a rewarding career in the skilled trades, or an employer in need of skilled workers, Connect can help you.

Training & Employment

LNG Canada Trades Training Fund

Designed specifically to support industry and apprenticeship training for the construction and related trades in BC, the LNG Canada Trades Training Fund will be of particular interest to employers in BC who would like help covering costs of Foundation or Apprenticeship training for an employee interested in developing their skills in high demand trades.

Training & Safety


BCCA is actively involved in ensuring safety standards and protections are upheld and kept up-to-date across our provincial industry. If you’re an employer or a skilled tradesperson in BC’s construction industry, please use these many safety resources meant to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of our skilled workforce.


Skilled Trades Employment Program

Since 2006, the Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP) has focused on finding motivated candidates for construction employers with jobs to fill in British Columbia. We work to promote diversity and inclusion within the skilled trades by opening entry-level apprenticeship opportunities up to equity deserving groups. Our mandate is to create and advocate for inclusive worksites and remove barriers for people who are underrepresented in the trades.

Whether you are a job-seeker looking for a rewarding career in the skilled trades, or an employer in need of skilled workers, STEP can help you.